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Are you enthusiastic? Motivated? Energetic? Determined? Are these words that describe you well? If this is the case, Polar Hero wants YOU on its team. Be a part of the great Polar Hero family of volunteers by involving yourself to one of our winter events!


We are currently looking for dedicated volunteers for our 2018 winter events. Our volunteers will provide some very important support to the participants of our races and they are essential to our organization.


With a variety of interesting volunteer positions, each of you will find something that you will like to do. You will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the participants while motivating them to complete the Polar Hero challenge.


Our volunteers are passionate people who dedicate their time and energy to support the excellence of our efforts at our events. All together, we are an incredible team. Polar Hero would not be possible without your help.


So come have fun with us. No experience is required - only your good mood and a beautiful smile! 


A Polar Hero Buff
Volunteer race (1:30pm) 
Free race for an other event (Polar Hero or Big Bubble Tour)

A free meal and free hot drinks 

40% discount at the Polar Hero Shop


Polar Hero volunteers must satisfy the following requirements:


  • Our volunteers must be 14 years old or older. Volunteers aged between 14 and 17 must have a parent or a guardian to sign a waiver of volunteer’s responsibilities.

  • Volunteers must commit to be there during their entire shift and to attend a pre-event training session for specific functions. Computerized system to CHECK IN / CHECK OUT. Accounting of hours worked.


  • Our volunteers make a vital contribution to our events and are essential to the implementation of our races. If you are absent, arrive late or have to leave early, it is important to notify us as soon as possible to ensure better management of the volunteer schedule rotation. If the full day is not completed, the rebates offered will be the same as for the half-day volunteering.


  • You should carefully read all of the information that we will provide you on the Polar Hero events and your specific mission.

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